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This is one of my favourite project to work on with AMC Studios from Singapore. 

A celebratory video for UOB (United Overseas Bank). They want a 3D environment made of Ink, symbolizing to each country iconic buildings. Creating and restructuring the abstraction of this project.

Big thanks to the artists who helped out in previsualization, laying out the assets, cameras and animating to match the client's brief. There were a few nice looking design scene layouts that did not make it to the final piece, often happen with a project like this. 

There were lot's of cleaning process to be made in the geometry structures in a specific topology to increase detail in certain areas and not just a lump of smoke falling down. I also enjoyed laying out the assets as I get to design the scene and improvised even better for my client.

The simulations were accomplished with Houdini's pyro and particles solver, it is quite unique as both works as it is intended and combine them to achieve even greater detailed looking structure. Another interesting look development that helps plays apart would be the shading and passes. The customization of the particles is fantastic, any amendment from the client can be immediately iterated on the looks without having to re-sim.


The whole entire project is done within 3 months. I had a good time doing this project. Once again, big thanks again to AMC Studio and UOB.

Thanks for watching!


— Client: United Overseas Bank (UOB)
— Creative Director: Ronnie Chin
— Layout: Yasir Phang, Shirley, Damien Lee
— Animation: Yasir Phang, Shirley 
— Simulation: Damien Lee
— Compositing: Damien Lee


Effects / Simulations / Visual Effects / Commercial / Episodic

Online / FX / 3D Generalist

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