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30s Commercial

Director's Cut

I am thrilled to work with Rolla Production and Singapore Airlines to produce such an astonishing advertisement.

Be sure to catch the commercial and the director-cut version!

For SIA, I worked on CGI elements, compositing & clean-ups. Ice cubes, water simulations, bubbles and particles, volumetric light and smoke and confetti fx. All of the FX I worked on was accomplished in Houdini and Redshift ; composited in Nuke. It happens in the blinking of an eye, be sure not to blink and you might catch the details - I enjoyed the process.


Some initial tests and showcasing seamless blend with the camera panning inside the cup to the 3D Cubes.

Added frosting layer, bubbles, fizz, and particles around the ice cubes as the camera tracked in through the glass. 
Together, these are the final playblast animatics and multiple-look dev renders.