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30s Commercial

Director's Cut

A heartfelt thank you to Singlife for the incredible opportunity to collaborate on this groundbreaking project and showcase this remarkable commercial that redefines the standard of protection. 

I was responsible for creating the 3D Ants from start to finish. In the process, I actually made an asset tool out of this project. It contains various controls such as density population, speed, size, orientation, and many more with just a simple curve tool being drawn onto any geometry surface and a little bit of magic VEX in it. - No crowd simulation was involved. I also did compositing/online works for all VFX works and output.

Do catch the Director's Cut! There's more VFX involved. See if you catch the details! 

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RnD Ants Modelling and Shading

Playblast - Colored Ants are been simulated in different speed and movements