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Jake's (吴家慷) ‘再度启航’ "Take Flight" Music Video with an inspiring song about emerging stronger together. "TAKE FLIGHT" is a fully CGI Music Video that is set against a futuristic digital twin of Gardens by the Bay and was created in Unreal Engine 4 along with Houdini and Maya.

All of the magical FX was created in Houdini and Unreal Engine Niagara particles system. I also layout the environment inside Unreal Engine with the help of a modeler artist. I used Unreal Engine's foliage system to paint out multiple assets and also used wind physics to drive movement to the hair generation and foliage assets.

We explored 3D Facial Capture in real-time to incorporate the talent's 3D body model. I did the clean-up of the rigs and the blendshapes of the character.

It was then rendered in shot sequences and was passed to a compositor artist to complete the whole look.

Visual Effects / 3D Simulations / Commercial / Episodic

Online / FX / 3D Generalist

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