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35s Commercial

Extended Version (TBA)

It was a good 3-month journey project with Dermatix to produce Wound Care. In the initial stage, there was tons of RnD process on how the skin must be healed medically correctly. We also had help from a medical team to assess the skin healing process. 

I and Rolla Productions extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dermatix for the incredible opportunity to collaborate on a  groundbreaking venture. 

I was responsible for creating the 3D Skin, FX was used to generate multiple skin cells, healing animation, and damaged/wound/scar surface. It was accomplished in Houdini and Redshift; Composited in Nuke and After Effects.

Do catch the extended version which showcased the Dry and Wet wound process.

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Visual Effects / 3D Simulations / Commercial / Episodic

Online / FX / 3D Generalist

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