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Uncommercial CNY 2022

A team of 5 talented artists worked on this project. 4 FX Artists and 1 Compositor.

We were thrilled to develop this concept from beginning to end. We had a lot of ideas and we were able to explore many look development iterations. We brought out ideas and vision to the storyboards from laying out and 3D animations to final renders. We extended beyond our limits for this project as we are diving into the 3D Motion Design realm.

We act, we learn, and we re-correct. It was definitely a roller-coaster ride from this project and I myself love a technical challenge. I was so glad to be part of this project and across these issues, I've learned a lot.

Everything was done in Houdini rendered with Arnold.
Composited in Nuke.

Breakdown coming soon! Stay tuned!

Effects / Simulations / Visual Effects / Commercial / Episodic

Online / FX / 3D Generalist

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